When you book a princess party with Rapunzel, the birthday girl and her guests will have all their dreams come true. Rapunzel will arrive at your party with a fairy-tale entrance, and will create a magical day you and your child will never forget! She will introduce herself to all the guests, but will pay special attention to the birthday girl.

Let Your Hair Down Rapunzel party (60 minutes) $165

One party coordinator/host to help during the party.

Princess etiquette lessons – Rapunzel will share everything she learned about being a princess. She will teach you and your guests the princess wave and how to curtsy. Rapunzel encourages children to remember all the little blessings in their life and to always be grateful.

Interactive Story telling – Rapunzel loves to talk about her life in the tower, and all her wonderful memories of Pascal and painting. She even laughs when she tells the story of how she hit Flynn Rider with a frying pan.

Sing-a-long and dancing – Rapunzel loves to dance in her bare feet, so kick off your shoes and socks and get ready to have the time of your life!

Princess tattoos– Each child will receive a beautiful princess tattoo!

Special crowning for the birthday girl – During the happy birthday singing celebrations, Rapunzel will place a tiara on the birthday girl and give her a special gift!

Photo Opportunity – Rapunzel loves to take pictures with all the children. When posing for the camera, Rapunzel will remind the children to use the skills they learned in their princess etiquette lessons. This is an amazing opportunity to capture all those precious moments.

Farewell – Rapunzel will say her farewells, and will give a special thanks to the birthday girl for allowing her to be a part of her special day.

Let Your Hair Down Deluxe Rapunzel Party (90 minutes) $225

Includes all of the above, and we also “add in” one of the following:

Choice #1 – Glitter tattoos, Rapunzel would love to give you and your guests a beautiful glitter tattoo.

Choice #2 – Rapunzel learned how to braid hair from all the village girls, so she would love to braid the birthday girl’s hair. All other enchanted guests will receive eye shadow, gloss and glitter!

Princess Rapunzel Dress-up Party (90 minutes) $250

 Our Princess dress up Party is an excellent choice for those who want the opportunity to transform the birthday girl and all her little guests into beautiful princesses . This party package includes:

  • 90 min character appearance with princess Rapunzel
  • One party coordinator/host to help during party.
  • Princess chair for the birthday girl to sit on during her crowning ceremony
  • A selection of princess gowns
  • Themed music throughout the party

Activities Include:

  • Dress up session with a variety of princess gowns
  • Eye shadow, gloss and glitter
  • Interactive story-telling
  • Princess etiquette lessons
  • Princess dancing
  • Game session
  • Princess crowning ceremony
  • Birthday celebrations and pictures

The birthday girl will receive a beautiful crystal tiara!

Elegant Rapunzel Tea Party (2 hours) $395 (see elegant tea party pictures on our gallery page)

This party package has it all! Our tea parties are so elegant and beautifully decorated, that you and your little princess will talk about this day for years to come. This event can either be hosted in your home or at one of our optional venues.  An elegant tea setting with beautiful linens, flowers, candelabra’s, and themed princess décor are all included. The party package includes:

  • Two hour character appearance with Rapunzel
  • One party coordinator/host to set up, help during party, and clean up.
  • All tables and chairs. Tables will be decorated in beautiful linens, flowers, candelabra’s and themed princess décor. Our chairs will be decorated in crisp white velvet slip covers complete with organza bows.
  • Princess chair for the birthday girl to sit on during her crowning ceremony
  • Themed music throughout the party

Princess tea lemonade and cupcakes

  • Princess tea: Lemonade or any special requests
  • Themed cupcakes

Activities Include:

  • Dress up session with a variety of princess gowns
  • Princess tea etiquette
  • Story-telling
  • Princess dancing
  • Game session
  • eye shadow, gloss, and glitter
  • Princess crowning ceremony
  • Birthday celebrations

The birthday girl will be crowned with a beautiful crystal tiara!

NOTE: Our Cinderella parties accommodate up to 10 children. If there are more then 10 children, a $5.00 fee will be added for each additional child

Party extra’s – We’ve got you covered!

Balloon bouquet – $15.00

Have Rapunzel show up at your birthday party with a balloon bouquet!  Includes one princess foil balloon and four colored latex balloons with ribbons! Great way to start off the party!

Princess loot bag – $5.00 each

Treat all your little guests to these delightful gifts and send them away feeling like royalty.  Each princess will receive a tiara, beaded necklace, bracelet and princess ring!

Add another character to your party for an additional $100